Scouting new bike commute route

Since I got offered a job at Union High School out in Camas, WA, I’ve been resigned to having to drive out there to commute come September. This would be the first real job where I’ve had to drive to work. All my other jobs I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to walk, take public transit, bike, or run to. Not this one.

However, since bike commuting 20-24 miles round-trip from home to Scappoose High School for my student teaching gig, I’ve been toying with the idea of maybe bike commuting out to Union one day a week. So today, I figured I’d see what it takes to get out there by bike. Here are the details on Garmin Connect (be sure to click the “play” button).

It was a bit tough going over the ascent on the I-205 bridge, but at least that was early on in the route. Another rough ascent was going up Ellensburg Rd in Vancouver, though, again, it was early on. Going back down those descents was fun, though.

Here was the ultimate destination… the 400 Building at Union HS, the Visual and Performing Arts building.
400 Building
I’ll be in Room 424. It took 1:15 to go the 16-ish miles from home to here. I could probably cut it down by 5 minutes after accounting for a slight detour to a friend’s house, making a couple of wrong turns, and not being exactly sure where I needed to go. On the way back I decided to take the more scenic route on Marine Dr. Not such a grand idea since I ended up riding a few miles into a headwind. Thinking about lunch kept me going.

Grand total: 34.55 miles in 2:36:50, all powered by one Accelerade gel. A completely do-able ride, maybe not 5 days a week do-able, more like 1-2 days a week do-able.


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