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Pier Park 6-hour race report

Oh man. What was I thinking? A couple of months ago I saw that there was going to be a 6-hour run not too far from my house. The run was to consist of a 1-mile loop. Runners run as many loops as they can in a 6-hour span. I’ve never done one of these runs before. Plus, I’ll seriously consider doing any distance run in Portland. So I signed up for it, fully realizing that it was going to be 6 days after I’d finish a week of 3 marathons.

The run was at Pier Park, in the far corner of St Johns. Now, St Johns is in the far corner of Portland and Pier Park is in the far corner of St Johns. So this park was way the heck out there. I woke up at 6, got my stuf together. By 7 I hopped on the #72 bus then transferred onto the #44. I got to the park 45 minutes later and headed over to the staging area which was located in a covered picnic area in a wooded part of the park. Nice. I checked in, chatted with the co-race director, Olga, shed some clothes, and a couple minutes later, off we went.

Now, reading about someone running 1-mile repeats is way more boring than running them yourself, so there’s not much to say. I kept mental note of my mileage approximately every hour: 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, and 36. I might have gotten one more in if I hadn’t stopped halfway through to make a phone call and dawdle at the staging area every other mile to chat and snack. But I hit my goal of 10:00/mile. All in all, it was a nice training run but I’m feeling a little more beat up than normal.

Next up: nothing until April, then Peterson Ridge Rumble.


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