Tour de McMenamins

I’ve had this idea stewing in my head for a couple weeks now… a running tour of a number of the McMenamins establishments around town. This idea was partly inspired by Sam Thompson’s quest to hit all 27 of Seattle’s public libraries on a 60 mile route. He’s more of a badass than I am so he did it during a blizzard. With a lot of downtime during the Snowpocalypse I mapped out the following route:

  1. Start at Kennedy School
  2. Head west to Chapel Pub
  3. Then northwest to St Johns Pub
  4. South to White Eagle
  5. Over the Broadway Bridge, through the Park blocks, to Market St Pub
  6. Then south to Fulton Pub
  7. North through the South Waterfront, over the Hawthorne Bridge, and onto the Barley Mill Pub
  8. Then back to the Kennedy School

Google Maps says this route is just shy of 27 miles. I’m not in shape for a 27 mile training run so I prepared myself to take a abbreviated route if I didn’t feel up to do the whole thing. By the way, I even mapped out a 50 mile route that included the Highland Pub out in Gresham and the Edgefield out in Troutdale.

A few weeks ago I planned on doing the Team Red Lizard Purge & Splurge today, running the entire 30 miles of the Wildwood trail. That seemed like a good idea at the time. Then Snowpocalypse happened. I spent some time on the Wildwood on Sunday checking out trail conditions and again on Monday. not so good. Lots of slushy ice and icy mud. And with 17.5 miles need to bag a 1500 mile year, the Tour de McMenamins was Plan B.

Things started out great for the first 13 miles, up until I hit the White Eagle. As usual, I started out fast. I was supposed to be at about 9:00/mile but was more like in the 8:20-8:30. White Eagle was a decision point since I could either cross the river or run down the Eastside Esplanade to the Barley Mill Pub (skipping the Market Street Pub and the Fulton Pub). I figured I had my 1500 mile year in the bag if I went with the latter, so it was onto the Barley Mill.

Once I got there, things started to go badly. Quite a bit of cramping and lactic acid build-up in the quads. My last “long” run was 3 weeks ago and that was only 12 miles. I definitely got soft during November and December, which is fairly typical for me. Holidays and post-fall marathons usually mean I slack off. So after the Barley Mill, I ended up taking a lot of walking breaks.

So, by the time I was done, I hit 5 McMenamins pubs and logged 20.3 miles in 3:07. And I bagged just short of 1503 miles on the year.

Kennedy School Chapel Pub St Johns Pub White Eagle Barley Mill Pub


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