2009 race calendar, revised

I added a few more things to the first half of 2009, plus a couple more to close out 2008:

  1. 12/20: Pigtails Flat Ass Marathon — I’m not doing to 50K!)
  2. 12/21: Christmas Marathon (Olympia, WA) — 2nd double of 2008!
  3. 01/24: Diamond Valley Lake Marathon (Riverside county, CA)
  4. 01/25: Carlsbad Marathon — 1st double of 2009!
  5. 02/01: Surf City Marathon
  6. 02/07: Pier Park Trail Run 6-hour
  7. 04/05: Peterson Ridge Rumble 60K
  8. 05/03: Eugene Marathon
  9. 05/24: Forest Park Trail Run 50K — happy birthday to me!
  10. 10/25: Metro Silicon Valley Marathon — cousin’s wedding in San Jose the day before!

I know. Kind of ambitious, especially with student teaching starting in February. And I’d like to do more in May and June (like the Capital City Marathon and the North Olympic Discovery Marathon) but I’m probably going to have to keep some weekends open for the student teaching gigs.


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  1. Hope to see you at Pier park! As for Hooters – I think main Maniacs are facinated with boobs…that and the Hooters need to sponsor our races for all the promo!

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