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This is completely weird

I’m not sure what the make of this.


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2009 race calendar

So far here’s what I’m lining up to do:

  1. 01/25: Carlsbad Marathon
  2. 02/01: Surf City Marathon
  3. 04/05: Peterson Ridge Rumble 60K
  4. 05/03: Eugene Marathon
  5. 05/24: Forest Park Trail Run 50K — happy birthday to me!
  6. 10/25: Metro Silicon Valley Marathon — cousin’s wedding in San Jose the day before!

Looks like the first half of 2009 is all set! I still need to fill in the summer and fall. Will possibly look in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail run or the Mt Hood PCT 50M, as will as another marathon or two for the summer. Not sure about the fall since race dates haven’t been announced yet.

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