The 50-miler race I had planned on October 25th (Autumn Leaves 50/50) has been canceled due to trail maintenance. Bummer. That would have been my first 50 mile ultramarathon. And it’s reputed to be an easy course and a good way to break into the 50-mile world. Considering I’m doing the Sisters Poker Run, a 34-mile trail run, the week before on October 19, and the Chicago Marathon on October 12th right after coming back from Germany, it’s probably a good thing Autumn Leaves is canceled. Running 50 miles in one day after all this running weeks before is nuts. So I’m thinking about breaking all those miles into two days instead: the Columbia River Power Marathon on the 25th and the Tri-Cities Marathon on the 26th. I think that’s a little less nutty.



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3 responses to “Canceled!

  1. Lucien

    No. That is not less nutty.

  2. Autumn leaves is not canceled just moved to Nov 15th (

    Have fun at the Poker Run!

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