Men’s Olympic Marathon

One of the big events I really wanted to watch live on TV during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was the men’s marathon. Unfortunately, I forgot that when the schedule said the marathon was being run on Sunday that meant it was going to be on TV live in the US on Saturday. D’oh! Oh well.

I’d been somewhat following the US men’s athletes, Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein, and Brian Sell. Here are some post-Olympic interviews, courtesy of Flotrack.

Ryan Hall… Holy crap! He ran a 2:12 marathon, finished in 10th at the Olympics, and the next day he’s walking the Great Wall instead of limping around sore all over. Incredible.

Dathan Ritzenhein… he stops. Stops running at 31 km. And he still finished 9th at 2:11. Jesus H. Christ.

Brian Sell… bloody shoes and a 2:16 finish for 22nd place. Oh man

These guys are simply amazing.


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