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WTH? Birds don’t sing at 2 am

That’s what I was thinking when I woke up this morning. The plan was to wake up at 2 am, change and gather my stuff, then drive the 3+ hours to Sunriver to run the Pacific Crest Marathon. I made sure to have everything ready the night before: 6 gel packs, 2 500ml bottles of Powerade (not my favorite but whatever), my brand spanking new Obama singlet I had made, and a bunch of other stuff. I even made sure to clip my toenails. Then I realized that birds don’t sing at 2 am. So I looked at my phone, which is also my alarm clock, to see how much more sleep I had left… well, I got an extra 2.5 hours. It was 4:30. And way too late to get in the car, drive to Sunriver, pick up my bib, and make the 7:30 start time.

Oh well. That’s $75 wasted because I forgot that my alarm is set to only go off on the weekdays. But looking at the bright side… I would have spent more than that on gas. And I probably would have been miserable out there in the heat of central Oregon. And I would have been exhausted from the driving, the running, and the driving back. And it wasn’t like I was trying for a marathon streak of some sort (this is the only race I have planned until October). And it’s not like I need another race shirt or medal. So did I go back to bed? Nope. I went out and ran from my house to the Leif Erikson trail in Forest Park, 20.5 miles in all. I was supposed to do 26, but it was hot and I was getting dehydrated so I cut it short and rode the bus home. I’ll probably do another medium or long run tomorrow to make up for that.


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Crazy Idea #2 got vetoed.

I need to work on selling the “fantastic vistas of the surrounding mountain ranges: the Panamints, the Funerals, the Cottonwoods, the Blacks and the Grapevines. Your immediate surroundings are the exotic flora and fauna found only on the desert floor” instead of “hey, what do you think about me running a marathon in Death Valley?”

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Crazy Ideas #1 and #2

October 12: Bank of America Chicago Marathon (registered)
October 18: Indianapolis Marathon (undecided)
October 19: Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon (undecided)
October 25: Autumn Leaves 50-mile (registered)

December 6: Death Valley Borax Marathon
December 7: Las Vegas Marathon

I’m pretty sure I can combine Crazy Idea #2 into a pre-holiday family visit.

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More Yasso 800s

I ran another round of Yasso 800s, which I described previously. Here are my times:

  1. 3:13
  2. 3:12
  3. 3:12
  4. 3:12
  5. 3:10
  6. 3:09
  7. 3:08
  8. 3:14
  9. 3:13
  10. 3:09

That’s a 3:11 average, 3 seconds slower than 2 months ago. Less variability, though. So I suppose that’s good news.

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