I’m not sure how or why, but I passed my Praxis II mathematics subject exams. There were two tests I took a little over a month ago, the mathematics content knowledge exam and the mathematics proofs, models, and problems exam. The former was a multiple choice exam, kind of like the math sections of the SAT or Praxis I, only it covered algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics and data analysis, and calculus. The latter was what you would call “essay problems”, only for math.

I scored high enough on the content knowledge exam that they gave me a “recognition of excellence” certificate. Yes, they even gave me a chintzy certificate suitable for framing. Supposedly, I scored within the top 15% of the previous years’ test takers.

I’m not sure how I passed the proofs, models, and problems exam. I only completed one out of four problems, got halfway or less through two others, and didn’t get to the fourth. And I scored less than half of the total amount of points available. It’s a standardized test so the scores are scaled to how difficult the problems are. Those problems were difficult, but they were supposed to be. I’m actually toying with the idea of taking the proofs, models, and problems exam again because I know I can do better. That’s pride talking. My rational side is thinking I have better things to do with an hour of my time on the weekends.


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  1. luci


    i mean… good job ben!

    (LIKE you weren’t GOING to kick ass. sheesh.)

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