Yasso 800s

I ran Yasso 800s today to break-in my new pair of Brooks Defyances, which by the way, absolutely rock! Yasso 800s are named after a Bart Yasso who came up with a novel way to predict marathon performance. The workout is simple. You run 10 repeats of 800 meter intervals at whatever pace will get you through all 10. Then you translate the time you run them in from MM:SS into HH:MM you’ll finish your marathon.

For example, this evenings times were:

  1. 3:04
  2. 3:07
  3. 3:13
  4. 3:13
  5. 3:05
  6. 3:05
  7. 3:09
  8. 3:13
  9. 3:10
  10. 3:05

The average of these is 3:08, that is, 3 minutes and 8 seconds. Now, my predicted marathon finish time is 3 hours and 8 minutes, or 3:08:00. Easy, eh?

Now, this seems way too optimistic to me considering my current PR is 3:35. I don’t feel like I’ve done that much speed training. I’m hoping for a PR at Eugene, but not by that much.

Next race up: Peterson Ridge Rumble 30K this Sunday. Woo hoo!


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