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Cochrane Colloquium

My abstract on mixed treatment comparisons to the Cochrane Colloquium got accepted for a poster. This year, the meetings are in Freiburg, Germany, in October. Woo hoo!

We are pleased to inform you that the abstract was selected for presentation as a poster at the Colloquium.

Now I’ll need to decide if I can run the Berlin Marathon the weekend before.


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Peterson Ridge Rumble

Sunday I ran the 30K race of the Peterson Ridge Rumble out in Sisters, Oregon. We drove down to Sisters the night before and camped out at Cold Springs campground a few miles outside of town. Since it was still too early for camping we almost had the entire campground to ourselves. No surprise since there was still some snow and ice on the ground and the overnight temperature dipped down into the low 30s.

The race itself was great. Central Oregon had been pretty dry the week leading up to the race so the trail wasn’t muddy or wet. In fact, it was almost too dusty. Not what I’m used to in Forest Park. Two miles into the race I strike up a conversation with Juan from Eugene who’s run this race a few times. He warns me that it’s not quite 30K (18.5 miles). It’s a little long, more like 20 miles. And I ask him about the elevation since I live in Portland I train at mostly sea-level. Sisters is up around ~3200 feet and the trail we’re running climbs about 1000. Oh man. At least we would be treated to some great views of the central Oregon mountains.

Despite the cold temperatures in the morning, it warmed up really fast out on the trail, which was open and exposed to the morning sun. I started out wearing a long-sleeved top and a short-sleeved top over it and a pair of shorts. By the time I got to the first aid station at around mile 5 I had to shed the long-sleeved layer. The folks at the aid station were kind enough to take it from me and bring it back to the finish line so I wouldn’t have to carry it. Speaking of the aid stations. They were well stocked. Very well stocked. So well, in fact, that I lost so much time dawdling at the four of them munching on bananas, PB&J, pretzels, rice crispy treats, filling up my hand-held water bottle, and drinking Nuun. I also lost some time trying to get my wedding ring off after I noticed my fingers swelling up. Not exactly sure why that was happening or even if it was just my imagination.

My Garmin Forerunner clocked me in at 2:52:48 covering a distance of 19.4 miles, an 8:54/mile pace, with a total ascent/descent of a 1919/1924 feet. My official gun time was 3:01:48, 59th out of 154 30K runners (38th percentile) which is about where I hoped to be (mid-pack and under 3 hours) and I’m reasonably happy with my time considering the elevation, heat, and inexperience with trail racing. This was a fun trail run and both the runners and volunteers were great. Sisters is a nice town to spend the weekend. I’m certain I’ll do this race again next year.

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Yasso 800s

I ran Yasso 800s today to break-in my new pair of Brooks Defyances, which by the way, absolutely rock! Yasso 800s are named after a Bart Yasso who came up with a novel way to predict marathon performance. The workout is simple. You run 10 repeats of 800 meter intervals at whatever pace will get you through all 10. Then you translate the time you run them in from MM:SS into HH:MM you’ll finish your marathon.

For example, this evenings times were:

  1. 3:04
  2. 3:07
  3. 3:13
  4. 3:13
  5. 3:05
  6. 3:05
  7. 3:09
  8. 3:13
  9. 3:10
  10. 3:05

The average of these is 3:08, that is, 3 minutes and 8 seconds. Now, my predicted marathon finish time is 3 hours and 8 minutes, or 3:08:00. Easy, eh?

Now, this seems way too optimistic to me considering my current PR is 3:35. I don’t feel like I’ve done that much speed training. I’m hoping for a PR at Eugene, but not by that much.

Next race up: Peterson Ridge Rumble 30K this Sunday. Woo hoo!

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New shoes!

A few weeks ago I bought a new pair of Saucony ProGrid Trigon 5 Rides and a couple of days ago I decided I couldn’t take them anymore.
Saucony ProGrid Trigon 5 Ride
The stiff overlays near the toes were giving me blisters consistently. I thought they only need to be broken in. But after 60+ miles, they were still giving me problems. So I bought a pair of Brooks Defyances.
Brooks Defyance
Oh man! These are a non-posted version of the popular Brooks Adrenaline, meaning, they lack the medial post that is designed to reduce the rate of the pronation, or side-to-side rolling, of the foot when it’s in contact with the ground. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same shoe. This is great since I’ve had a pair of the Adrenalines for a previous marathon training cycle and liked the fit and feel. But now that I’ve decided that I’m fine with fairly stable neutral running shoes I got the Defyance. Man, these shoes feel great! Light… roomy… overlays that aren’t stiff. I’m going to like these shoes. And I’ll have them broken in in time for the Eugene Marathon on the 4th.


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