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Shamrock Run 5K

I finished the Shamrock Run 5K yesterday, the first race of the year. I decided to do the 5K instead of the 8K or the 15K because I wanted to get a time to base my marathon training goals by. I came in at 20:10 for a 6:30/mile pace. I was about 30 seconds slower than I wanted to be. This was probably due to the number of people who decided to line up near the front of the starting line despite the obvious attempts to group runners by expected pace. The first quarter of a mile was spent using up a bunch of energy to weave in between kids and slow folks who lined up with the 6-7 minute/mile runners. That’s why I don’t like these large 5Ks and 10Ks. But this was one of the earlier races in town this year. C’est la vie.


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