Science fair project: analysis of running pace as a function of distance

I finished my multimedia science fair project for EDU533W this afternoon. Yeah, it looks long at 103 slides. But it’s mostly overlays timed to give small chunks of information at a time. The topic isn’t what I originally planned on doing. I was hoping to do some bird surveys but it was cold and rainy when I had time to get out in the field and I wimped out. Five years ago I would have been all over it. Besides, November isn’t the best time of the year to go birding unless you’re really into ducks and geese.

The Quicktime version has a soundtrack and clocks in at 6’03”, but you can’t control the speed of the transitions. The SlideShare version, which is below, doesn’t have a soundtrack, but you can advance the slides at your own pace. Take your pick.


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