House on the Rock

When I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods years ago I was inspired to take a road trip across America. The main goal was to go to central Michigan to see the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler. But the secret main goal was to see House on the Rock, which featured prominently in the book. So I was really excited to start off the big road trip with short trip to HotR.

Route from Chicago to House on the Rock

Oh man. Was this place weird! There are 3 self-guided tours you can take and we bought the entire package of all 3. You can definitely spend an entire day on all the tours. Tour 1 takes you through the original house and the Infinity Room. Tours 2 and 3 take you through the collections of Alex Jordan, the designer of the place, and they were the areas of HotR we spent most of our time in. Jordan collected automatic music machines. Think Disney-esque animatronics but with real musical instruments.

Unfortunately, the lighting inside was dim and taking pictures without a tripod was difficult and since I like to shoot using ambient light I had to use a high ISO setting, hence the noisy shots.

Also unfortunate was that we didn’t allow enough time to also hit the Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb.



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