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No ultra for me

I’m so out of shape I don’t think I ought to try the Hagg Lake 50K next month. I went on a 22 mile run on Leif Erickson trail in Forest Park this morning. The last 6 miles were brutal. I just don’t think I’m into the winter running for whatever reason. I’m going to concentrate my efforts for the first half of 2007 on staying in decent shape throughout the rest of winter and then gear up for the Vancouver Marathon in May. I haven’t ruled out the Mt Hood Pacific Crest Trail ultra in July, though if I do it I’ll do the 50K and not the 50 mile.



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I woke up at 6am this morning, ready to make some oatmeal before my morning long run. I look at the clock and realized it was only 1:45am instead. Rather than going back to bed, I booked my flight for Guatemala. Yay! Now I can go back to bed.

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The mouse that’s been hiding out in my bedroom the past two nights found the live trap before the cat found him or her. Guess who’s making a trip to the pet store for a cage!

IMG_0356.JPG IMG_0355.JPG

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Alberta, foodie street?

The February issue of Bon Appetit features 3 Portland restaurants, 2 of which are around the corner from my house, Siam Society and Alberta Street Oyster Bar & Grill. When I first moved in the neighborhood 7 years ago there were only a locally well-known taqueria, another one just changing hands, a coffee shop, a punk rock diner, and a veggie-hippie diner. That was it for eateries, just cheap slacker food. Now this neighborhood has restaurants written up in national mags.

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New computer desk!

I bought a new computer desk for $26.


I fit in it, which makes me think I haven’t grown since high school. And I had to scrape 2 wads of dessicated gum underneath.

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Worst marathon ever

I ran the OC Marathon yesterday and it was my worst marathon experience ever. I finished in 4:25:18, slower than my previous worst by half an hour. Jesus H. Christ. The poor performance was no fault other than my own. I did everything wrong for this one. After the slew of October marathons and the cold, wet, cold, windy, and cold weather here in Portland, I pretty much stopped training thinking the residual effect of all that running in the fall would carry my through January. I was so cocky up until the start of the race that I told my parents to meet me at the finish line 15 minutes before the time we originally planned. I was so cocky I didn’t even do a pre-race stretch the night before or the morning of. In my defense though, the Santa Ana winds were pretty strong yesterday. And it was pretty warm too, mid-70s F warm. The course was also pretty darn boring and left you exposed to the sun for long stretches. The good news is with all the walking I did I’m not sore. Though I did end up with a quarter-sized blister at the ball of my foot.


Strangely enough, even with the terrible race I finished faster than more than half of the other runners overall and in my division. Oh, and my brother and parents watched one of the other runners collapse and die after he crossed the finish line.

An Anaheim man who collapsed after crossing the finish line at the O.C. Marathon on Sunday has died, marathon officials confirmed today.

Larry Altneu, 45, finished the 26.2-mile race in four hours and 31 seconds before collapsing, marathon spokeswoman Peggy Fort said.

Altneu had been running with a pace group and had a goal of finishing within four hours.

“It’s so sad,” Fort said. “He finished the marathon in his goal time.


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