Stuck, and other holiday ramblings

I’m stuck at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. There was a problem with an engine of plane the captain discovered while taxiing so they put us back into the gate. After they spent the next couple of hours figuring out what was wrong and trying to fix it, they canceled the flight. So I’m here at the airport for the next 7 hours. I’m on standby for earlier flights, but with an entire planeload of people on standby to compete with I’m not optimistic. At least John Wayne isn’t a terrible airport to be stuck in.

The holidays with my parents was pretty dull. There was a snafu with the registration of my brother’s car. The end result was my mom not letting my brother drive his car back to his apartment from their house. So he took my mom’s car. That left me stranded in my parents house for a couple of days without the ability to go anywhere. I suppose that wasn’t terrible since I have no clue where I would have gone to. After-Christmas shopping? No way. I wouldn’t have wanted to fight through the crowds. And I had nothing to buy. Besides, I decided to add to my collection of vintage junk and take my dad’s old Asahi Pentax SLR camera, so the room in my suitcase that had been taken up by the presents I brought for my niece and nephew was now filled up. I also decided to take his old gas chromatography book he never returned to the University of Hawaii library.

Not having the car, however, did force me to walk to the nearest place of interest from my parents’ house… Starbucks. It was nice because I hadn’t realized before just how prevalent Black Phoebes were in eastern Orange County. I also got a good look at a Say’s Phoebe.

Oh, and I figured out how to use the Tivo the last night I was at my parents’ house. I’ll find out if I’ve successfully recorded Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean, and some other movie (another Johnny Depp one?) when I come back next week for the OC Marathon. Speaking of TV, I watched maybe 12 hours of the various Law & Order shows and discovered the hilarity of the Venture Brothers on [adult swim]. Other than that, I am further convinced that not having a TV is a good thing.


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  1. Nicole

    Oh, man that totally sucks- getting stuck with all of those people! I’d loose my mind! This is why i don’t go home for the holidays! Are you back yet?

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