Tips for perfection

Wired magazine has a nice summary of Dean Karnazes’ tips for perfection. I like #4, eat a ton of junk food. That’s pretty much the only one of his tips I follow regularly. I will now officially stop referring to Popeye’s fried chicken as a guilty pleasure. It will now be considered part of my training diet.

Tips #5 (cutting back on sleep), #6 (pretty much a variation of the Just Do It slogan), #9 (learn to adapt), and #11 (break the problem/task into smaller, manageable chunks) are good ones too.


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  1. I just can’t seem to get away from Dean Karnazes… I got a copy of “Outdoor” magazine in my Christmas stocking… it also had an interview with him as well. But I will admit, there must be a little bit of Mark Twain in this guy… because in the Outdoor magazine interview he claims to be on a non-processed food, no sugar, all whole food diet… that just doesn’t jive with tip #4. Oh well, maybe one of the interviewers got it wrong. ūüėČ

    Either way, I agree with Dean’s premise… most of us don’t really reach our potential. We have no idea what the human body is capable of.

    This is one reason why I niavely believe Floyd and Lance are innocent… I really believe in mind over matter.

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