Race calendar for 2007

Here are my planned races for 2007. I can’t do the 4 marathons in one month adventure again. Portland, Victoria, and Chicago are all on October 7. So I decided to do Chicago because I had so much fun there this year. Columbus doesn’t have a date yet so that one is on the table, especially if my other pair of married friends out there hurry along with making a baby. I’ll find out after the Hagg Lake 50K (my first ultra) if I have what it takes to do the 50 mile Mt Hood PCT ultra. If not, I’ll opt for the 50K.

  • January 7, OC Marathon, Newport Beach/Irvine, CA
  • February 24, Hagg Lake 50K, Forest Grove, OR
  • May 6, Vancouver Marathon, Vancouver, BC
  • July 28, Mt Hood Pacific Crest Trail 50/50
  • August 24-26, Hood to Coast Relay
  • October 7, La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL

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