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The power of the Free makes you do stupid things

So I did my long run this morning. I was supposed to go 2 hours. A little more than halfway through my run I run by a house with a bunch of junk out on the sidewalk and a sign that says “Free” on it. Now, if you know me, you know I’m always looking out for cheap vintage stuff, with the emphasis on cheap. And free is as cheap as you can get. So I stop to check out if these poor souls are willing to part with some items of interest without knowing their value on the open market. Well, all they had was garbage. But there was this shelf from Ikea. Since I lack available surfaces for placing things on I’m always interested in cheap (i.e. free), good looking shelving and table-like things. So what do I do? I pick it up and continue on my run, of course. So there I am. Running through North Portland, water bottle in one hand. Babord in the other. All the way home. For 30 minutes.


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