New beginning… sort of

Just found out today that I’m a bit closer to officially starting a new chapter in my life and it’s kind of weird. Not weird in that I don’t know what to do or what’s going to happen. All my previous transitions involved moving to different cities, getting new jobs, meeting new people, which made those past transitions easier to deal with. This time everything is going to be the same. Exactly the same. Same city, same house, same job, same people, same music on the iPod, same news blogs to read, same lunch routine, same coffee, same tea, same chit-chat with coworkers, same, same, same. Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up, go to the gym, make my morning oatmeal, eat a bowl of cereal, take Dog for a walk, shower, get dressed, and do exactly what I did the day before. Nothing is going to change except soon, a few signatures are going to be on this piece of paper that says “your life is now different than before”. Despite what Piece of Paper says, nothing is going to be any different than it was before… except I am going to be much happier. Weird.


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